Beyond Just Drinking Water: Let’s Stop Buying Water in Plastic Bottles

Are you trying to reduce the amount of plastic you use? Are you frustrated by all the plastic bottles around your house? It’s not just about drinking water, which is an obvious opportunity, but we buy lots of products, mostly cleaning and personal products, that are just chemicals diluted with water. Eliminate the water, shiftContinue reading “Beyond Just Drinking Water: Let’s Stop Buying Water in Plastic Bottles”

It’s Summer! How to Throw a Zero Waste Party or Event

Originally posted on Jim McLaughlin's Blog:
I’ll admit up front that I’m a complete newbie at this. I was made sensitive to the issue of reducing waste when a local citizens group in Chester, Pennsylvania, who has been working for OVER 30 YEARS to stop, Covanta, the largest US incinerator from continuing to spew…