Beyond Just Drinking Water: Let’s Stop Buying Water in Plastic Bottles

Are you trying to reduce the amount of plastic you use? Are you frustrated by all the plastic bottles around your house?

It’s not just about drinking water, which is an obvious opportunity, but we buy lots of products, mostly cleaning and personal products, that are just chemicals diluted with water. Eliminate the water, shift the active ingredients to a tablet, condensed fluid, or other method, and you save LOTS of energy AND plastic in delivering products to consumers. Start small, and keep going.

This isn’t a new concept, but with the rising focus on plastics and energy reduction, the idea is growing in importance.

“…asking consumers to dilute the product at home means 97 percent less water being transported, 87 percent fewer trucks on the road…”


If this isn’t possible, then look for refillable products to at least avoid the constant use/disposal of plastic bottles.

If THIS isn’t possible, notify the manufacturer that they need to REDESIGN their products.

Do you know a product that you’ve swapped in for a plastic bottle with lots of water? Please comment.

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Supporting zero waste initiatives in Delaware County, Pennsylvania.

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