Delco Sustainability Conference Presentation YouTube Links

Huge congrats to Francine Locke and the whole team at Delaware County Office of Sustainability on a successful, first annual, first-ever Sustainability Conference. The entire even was recorded and here’s a list of links to all the presentations aligned to the speakers. Enjoy and be proud. Also be sure to follow @SustainDelco everywhere for all the latest news.

Welcome and Introductions 

Keynote Speaker – Zero Waste 

Ruth Abbe, National Expert on Zero Waste – “Communities on the Path to Zero Waste” 

Ruth Abbe is a Zero Waste practitioner with more than 25 years of experience in recycling and composting programs, facility development, outreach and technical assistance. She works with municipalities across the U.S. to develop the social and physical infrastructure to achieve Zero Waste. Ruth will share inspiring successes, challenges and the present-day story of Delaware County’s journey towards developing its 10-year Municipal Waste Management Plan with a focus on Zero Waste. 

Panelist Discussion – Collaboration and Energy 

Inter-County Sustainability Collaborative – This unique group of neighboring counties will discuss their current sustainability initiatives and their joint work with DVRPC on renewable energy for the greatest value.

  • Liz Compitello AICP, Manager, Sustainable Energy, Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission (DVRPC) 
  • Neale Dougherty/Evan Stone, Bucks County 
  • Carol Stauffer AICP, Assistant Director, Chester County Planning Commission 
  • Rachael Griffith AICP, MPA, Sustainability Director, Chester County Planning Commission 
  • Francine Locke, Chief Sustainability Officer, Delaware County  
  • Jon Lesher, Environmental Planning Assistant Manager, Montgomery County Planning Commission 

Topical Speaker – Energy  

  • Kelly Sanders, Director of Programs, Sustainable Energy Fund (SEF) – Update on Delaware County C-PACE

Topical Speaker – Education for Sustainability 

  • Dr. Victor J. Donnay, PhD, Bryn Mawr College, Professor and Chair of Mathematics on the William R. Kenan Jr., Chair – Linking Education to Sustainability 

Topical Speaker – Climate Resiliency

  • Elizabeth Drake, Sustainability Director, Swarthmore College – Sustainability in Higher Education: Swarthmore College’s Approach

Topical Speaker – Transportation  

  • Waffiyyah Murray, Indego Program Manager, City of Philadelphia, Office of Transportation, Infrastructure, and Sustainability (OTIS) –Equitable Access to Active Transportation

Topical Speaker – Focus on Sustainability in the City of Chester 

  • Melody Mason, Watershed Steward and Youth Participation

Presentation – Health and Wellness 

  • Melissa Lyon, Health Director for Delaware County Health Department – Public Health: What You Need To Know!

Presentation – Health and Wellness 

  • Justin Trezza, Pennsylvania Horticultural Society (PHS ) -The Impact of Green Spaces on Health and Well Being

Topical Speaker – Transportation  

  • Angie Hernandez, JMT– Complete Streets Meets Electric Vehicles

Topical Speaker – Climate Resiliency 

  • Matthew Williams, Founder and Executive Director of Conscious Connections, Inc., Delaware Urban Farmer Committed to Making Impact – Growing Food, Relationships and Future Leaders in the state of Delaware

Topical Speaker – Transportation 

  • Tony Bandiero, Executive Director, EP-ACT – Drive Electric Pennsylvania – EVs, Infrastructure & Funding 

PA DEP Environmental Justice Policy Public Comment Period (Remote) 

  • Justin Dula, PA DEP, Director of the Office of Environmental Justice – Draft Environmental Justice Policy 

Topical Speaker – Waste (Zero) 

  • Darren Spielman, PhD, PA Resources Council – Glass Recycling Successes in PA

Topical Speaker – Waste (Zero) 

  • Karen Taussig-Lux, Media Borough, Grants Administrator – Curbside Compost – Media Borough Residential Composting Program

Topical Speaker – Natural Resources  

  • Diana Andrejczak, PA Resources Council – Darby-Cobbs Stormwater Initiative

Topical Speaker – Natural Resources  

  • Holly Thorpe, Coordinator, Master Gardeners of Delaware County, Penn State Agriculture Extension – Pollinator Friendly Yards

Topical Speaker – Natural Resources  

  • Meagan Hopkins-Doerr, Coordinator, Master Watershed Steward Program in Chester/Delaware Counties and Master Gardener Program in Chester County, Penn State Agriculture Extension – Watershed Friendly Behaviors and Properties

Closing RemarksElaine Paul Schaefer, Delaware County Council Vice Chair 

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